Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ok I don't know a woman alive that doesn't love shoes. Women and shoes just go together like, milk and cookies, sugar and cream. Well I have found a website that is sure to  tickle every ones foot fancy. The site is HEELS.COM. They even have cute heels that are 2 inches high, which for a girl like me who is already tall and doesn't want to look any taller, this was a total god send.  They have so many name brands to choose from, brands like Jessica Simpson, Baby Phat, BCBG, Betsey Johnson, and so much more.Click Here to go to the site or look on the right for the link to the website under Great Shopping Sites. Here are a few pics from there website.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Favorite Bridal Looks

Pakastani Bride

Muslim Bride

Modern American Bride

East Indian Bride

Nigerian Bride

Egyptian Bride

Traditional Japanese Bride

Monday, March 22, 2010

Wedding Season Is Almost Here!!

Wedding season is almost here (April, May, & June for those who don't know).As a makeup artist, I always get giddy around this time, as brides request my services for their BIG day.i love helping women fulfill their fairy tale dreams!! It's hard to believe that my own wedding was almost 1 yr ago (May 2, will make exactly 1 year)!Always on the look out, I came across this really great website for modest formal wear, wedding gowns, prom dresses, m.o.b dresses, and so much more. the prices were a little high to me , most gowns start around $250 ( well on second thought, maybe that isn't too bad.). Anyways check out the site, and if you order, tell them you were refered by The Modesty Movement!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

YouTube Videos

Here are a few cool videos I found on youtube relating to modesty. Please feel free to comment!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Chic Maya

For all Muslim Hijabis, or Christian women looking for a funky way to stay modest this upcoming spring and summer, you absolutley must check out my girl The Chic Maya.She has some really cool Youtube tutorials on how to wear trendy head scarves aka hijab, also she will be opening her online store where she will be selling hijabs, accesories and these funky forearm sleeves.For those interested she is also on facebook, so look her up and add her as a friend!  I will keep you all posted as to when the website is live, in the mean time take a look at the video! I will definately be buying a few of them!

Spring Bling: Modest Fashionista Contest

Ok, we are going to try this again. Spring is in the air and The Modesty Movement is giving you your chance to shine like the "Diamond Girl" that you are. The top 3 Best Yet Modestly Dressed, will win a 72 pieces Makeup Kit. Have Fun with it, see how you can create outfits from regular stores and become a Modest Fashionista!


1. Must email photos of you wearing 3 different MODEST OUTFITS, what stores you bought your clothes at, a short paragraph explaining why you love being a modest fashionista, and your name,email address, and mailing address to by May. 31, 2010 11pm EST

2. Have Fun and Be Creative

3.Modest fashions must at least cover Breasts ( No Cleavage) , Legs(meaning entire thigh part of the leg ), Shoulders, and not expose the back. As a rule of thumb the dresses or skirts that you choose must be lose enough to show you have class, but can be fitting enough to show your a woman (If you need help, you can look at my previous post on modest fashion guidelines).

4. This contest is open to all women regardless of age, race, ethnicity, or religion

Are You A Diamond Girl Revisited

Hey Everyone, I was just reading over some of my old posts, and I decided to repost my article entitled Diamod Girl or Fake Pearl. I hope it re-inspires those who have already read it, and for those who haven't I hope that it inspires you to take this journey of reflection and beauty.



Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and most girls would rather have a genuine 1 carat diamond ring set in platinum or gold, than to be handed a beautiful, yet fake strand of pearls?

The reason diamonds are the most valued and sought after jewels is because of the uniqueness of each stone, and how rare they are. Did you realize that no two diamonds are the same. It takes years of patience and perfect timing to harvest diamonds from the earth so that they can be turned into prize pieces of jewelry.

We as women are supposed to be like diamonds, highly sought after, yet hard to obtain; but in today’s culture many women have forgotten the power that God has given us. The power of our femininity and sexuality. Many women today have become easy for men to obtain, and objectified for sexual conquests. We see the girl in the music video, or in the magazine, and think I want men to want me just like her. Some women think that the more skin they show, or the sexier they look, the more male attention they will attract, but what they don’t realize is that when men see how sexy they are dressed, they automatically put them in a box. Box A is the Potential Wife Material box, and Box B is This Girl Is Easy box. As Sherry Argov puts it” ...When he sees you scantily dressed, he is not reminded of how great you look naked. He immediately thinks of all the other men you’ve slept with.”; (Why Men Marry B**ches pg.19)Research has shown, that although men will break their necks to look at the girl who is barley dressed, they are more intrigued by the woman who is subtly sexy, or not flaunting her sexuality openly. The mystery of what jewels lie beneath, makes them want to take the time to get to know her better.

Women need to wake up and realize that we hold the power to have society respect us in the way that we want, this is an even greater responsibility to those women who profess to be Christians. The power that we seek begins with us, and the image that we create for ourselves through our choice of clothing, our attitude, our words, and our actions.

I am challenging YOU, for the next 30 days to deeply reflect on the choice of clothing that you make, why you are choosing to wear the clothes that you wear, and how your choices affect the way you are treated. If you wear low cut shirts, and love showing your cleavage (as I used to LOVE to do), cover the “girls” up. Wear short skirts? Try wearing them knee length. I challenge you NOT to openly flaunt your sexuality with your clothing for the next 30 days. Try being creative with your clothing with a focus on looking feminine and classy, instead of sexy, or sexy and trashy (which is the worst combination). Let people, especially men see that you are a diamond (because they can easily tell a diamond from a fake pearl), because of your mind and special talents that God gave to you, not because you have big breasts, big butts, or shapely thighs.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Love This Skirt

I was looking at a few blogs this evening, and I came across this wonderful website called, and I found this skirt that I am soooo in love with, I am so going to get it,as soon as I can. The site has a wide varietyof modest tunics, skirts, and shoes. Right now they have a Free Shipping Special for all orders $75 and up (USA), and Free Shipping on all orders $198 and up( UK, Canada, Australia). Check them out and let me know!


East Meets West Fashion

If you are like me, worldy in the sense that you love cultures other than your own, and you love to incorporate a little bit of your favorite cultures into your everyday life, be it food, clothes, art, movies, books or music, then you will love this clothing website, that has so artisticly designed clothes in an middle-east meets west fashion, with the modest fashionista in mind. I absolutley love their kaftans and their jewlery is so creative and beautiful. They also have wonderful head scarfs, and kaftan dresses and tunics that meet modest requirenments for muslim women. Take a look. I will also post a link to their site under my favorite shopping sites.