Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just Some Random Thoughts

Ok, so this morning I was talking to my mother in regards to christian living, and things like that. I was telling her that the older I get the more I realize that the bible is actually simple, but we make it hard when we start trying to make justifications why we should or shouldn't do things. As it relates to the topic of modesty, I believe that as women of God, regardless of age, we have taken the topic of modesty too lightly. I go to church, and I see some girls and women in some very questionable clothing. For the ones under the age of 18, in my mind i'm thinking, "What's wrong with this girls parents, that they would allow their daughter to come to church dressed like that?". I believe that we (christians) have gone so far over in left field as far as god accepts you as you are (which is true), and we shouldnt judge(which is true we can't judge someones heart), that we totally think it's ok to just not grow spiritually, and bring mainstream society inside ourlives and the church. we are supposed to counter the culture in a positive way, that people will see how great it is to live God's way of life that they want to be apart of what we are doing. I hope in some small way that this movement really resounds with Chrisitan women world wide, to be the leaders in the area of modest dress, and the fact that it is not cool to show off your breast, or how shapley your butt is, or how toned your legs are. Show other non-chrisitan women, what really beauty is, and how to achieve it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The 10 Commandments of Modesty

1.) Have fun.....Modest Fashion doesn't have to be boring!
2.) Clothing should cover areas of the body considered sensual or sexually stimulating. (Breasts, Thighs, Butt, Shoulders,etc.)
3.)Material should not be tight or see through
4.)Backs should be modest. Avoid, strappless, halter, or backless garments
5.)Remeber that you are a lady, and that your dress should refelct your dignity.
6.)First impressions are lasting, Make it Count!
7.Experiment with Color, Textures, Scarves, and Layering.
8.)Undergarments are just that, UNDER-garments
9.)We have a responsibility to our Christian Brothers to help them with their battle with LUST!
10.)Always reflect on what you wear and the real reason you are wearing it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Holiday Fashion Challenge!!!!!!!

Ok Ladies, the holidays are coming, and it will be your chance to shine like the "Diamond Girl" that you are. The top 3 Best Yet Modestly Dressed, will win a 72 pieces Makeup Kit. Have Fun with it, see how you can create outfits from regular stores and become a Modest Fashionista!

1. Must email photos of you wearing 3 different Modest Outfits,what stores you bought your clothes at, and your name,email address, and mailing address to by Dec. 31, 2009 11pm EST
2. Have Fun and Be Creative

3.Modest Fashions must atleast cover Breasts, Legs(meaning entire thigh part of the leg ), Shoulders, and not expose the back. As a rule of thumb the dresses or skirts that you choose must be lose enough to show you have class, but can be fitting enough to show your a woman (hope that small guideline helps)
4. This contest is open to all women regardless of age, race, ethnicity, or religion

Diamond Girl Fake Pearl Challenge

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and most girls would rather have a genuine 1 carat diamond ring set in platinum or gold, than to be handed a beautiful, yet fake strand of pearls?
The reason diamonds are the most valued and sought after jewels is because of the uniqueness of each stone, and how rare they are. Did you realize that no two diamonds are the same. It takes years of patience and perfect timing to harvest diamonds from the earth so that they can be turned into prize pieces of jewelry.
We as women are supposed to be like diamonds, highly sought after, yet hard to obtain; but in today’s culture many women have forgotten the power that God has given us. The power of our femininity and sexuality. Many women today have become easy for men to obtain, and objectified for sexual conquests. We see the girl in the music video, or in the magazine, and think I want men to want me just like her. Some women think that the more skin they show, or the sexier they look, the more male attention they will attract, but what they don’t realize is that when men see how sexy they are dressed, they automatically put them in a box. Box A is the Potential Wife Material box, and Box B is This Girl Is Easy box. As Sherry Argov puts it” ...When he sees you scantily dressed, he is not reminded of how great you look naked. He immediately thinks of all the other men you’ve slept with.”; (Why Men Marry B**ches pg.19)Research has shown, that although men will break their necks to look at the girl who is barley dressed, they are more intrigued by the woman who is subtly sexy, or not flaunting her sexuality openly. The mystery of what jewels lie beneath, makes them want to take the time to get to know her better.
Women need to wake up and realize that we hold the power to have society respect us in the way that we want, this is an even greater responsibility to those women who profess to be Christians. The power that we seek begins with us, and the image that we create for ourselves through our choice of clothing, our attitude, our words, and our actions.
I am challenging YOU, for the next 30 days to deeply reflect on the choice of clothing that you make, why you are choosing to wear the clothes that you wear, and how your choices affect the way you are treated. If you wear low cut shirts, and love showing your cleavage (as I used to LOVE to do), cover the “girls” up. Wear short skirts? Try wearing them knee length. I challenge you NOT to openly flaunt your sexuality with your clothing for the next 30 days. Try being creative with your clothing with a focus on looking feminine and classy, instead of sexy, or sexy and trashy (which is the worst combination). Let people, especially men see that you are a diamond (because they can easily tell a diamond from a fake pearl), because of your mind and special talents that God gave to you, not because you have big breasts, big butts, or shapely thighs.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Modest Fashion Websites

I think they key to modest clothing is feminity,style, and common sense. With that said, I searched the internet for some great sites for modest fashion fun.


All the sites are great for dressing fashionably and modestly, and the clothes are sooooo cute!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Words From A Former Hoochie

My Name Is Candice a recently discovered the truth. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in church , but when I was around 18 or 19, I just got tired of church, and decided to see what the world had to offer. My friends and I started going to local night clubs and I soon became that girl. The girl that went to the club every weekend with the express goal of making sure every head turned when I walked through the doors. If enough necks didn’t break, then that meant the following week I needed to dress even sexier, and so my quest for sexiness was my main focus. Mini skirts, low rider jeans, belly shirts, low cut shirts for my “girls” to hang out, short clinging dresses with the back out. This was my wardrobe. I even went so far as to buy my “clothes” from the stripper stores. I had so many “sexy outfits, that I barley had enough clothes to look decent at work or even go to church in(when I decided I wanted to go. I loved the attention that I wouldget from men when I would go out. It was fun and exciting. It made me feel attractive, and beautiful. I started to notice however, that men only seemed to want one thing from me. No matter what they couldn’t see beyond my double D’s, or how big my butt was. I couldn't understand why I couldn’t find a guy that just wanted to get to know me, the real me, and have an honest relationship with me. Then one day God opened my eyes and mind to the fact that I had become a fake pearl, and not the diamond girl I was meant to be.