Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Modest Fashion Inspiration From Around The Globe

(Note: I am not Muslim, but I respect all religions, and I love the shirt and tunic that the ladies have on, quiet as kept, the hijab is cute too.)

(Totally Love this Combo)

(Great Way To Dress Up T-Shirt & Jeans)

( Too Cute For The Fall)

(Ok, the girl needs on some pants...lol, but this would be great with some jeans!)

(I love this east indian inspired tunic)

( I totally LOVE these, soooo feminine)

(This is a little on the short side, but nothing that a pair of jeans or leggings, and a cami underneath wouldn't solve.)

(East Indian)

(East Indian)


(From a Japanese Teen Magazine)

(African Inspired Tunic)

(Really Cute Headscarf aka Muslima Fashion)

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  1. Beautiful designs for Muslimah and its good to see long and covered designs.