Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dina Toki-O

Ok Fashionsitas, I am soooooo excited about this interview. This woman is about to become the HOTTEST thing in the Modest Fashion world, and we are the first to interview her. Where do I begin, her creations are so innovative and fresh, hip, youthful,elegant, glamorous, and totally wearable. Although she caters to a mostly Islamic clientele, her fashions are so beautiful that I think any woman regardless of religious orientation, will find something that suits her. So with no further delay (drum roll) here she is Dina Toki-O!

What is your name, age, place of birth, and ethnicity?

My name is Dina Torkia, 21 years, born in Cairo City, my ethnicity I would say is white African/mixed race white British/ Egyptian.

When did you realize your purpose (besides worshipping Allah/God ) was fashion?

Well ever since I started textiles gcse’s in my high school I would say, (aaah the memories). I remember the first thing we had to design and make was a bag! Can't say I enjoyed the practical side much, but from then on I’d throw 110% into all my folder/design work and I knew then I loved designing! I wore hijab at quite a young age, but didn’t care and wasn’t conscious WHAT-SO-EVER about how I looked until I hit the age of approx mmmmm lets say 17 ! Then I decided that I WILL make my hijab look good, END OF!! I started designing hijab wear at A level stage, but sadly didn’t progress to uni with fashion design for a number of reasons.. the main one.. me being STUPID! I don’t regret it however and the way I'm doing it now allows me to be free in how I want to work and share ideas, hamdillah (Praise God) .

How long have you been designing clothes?

 About 4 years but, I didn’t do anything about my designs until July 2010!!!!!

How supportive have your family and friends been on this journey of yours?

Sadly, I’ve lost a few friends on the way but, hamdillah (Praise God) its allowed me to realize the ‘true’ friends I have AND THOSE friends have all beeen AMAAAZIIINGG hehe (thanx guyss xxx), and my family have been incredibly supportive :D


Who are your two favorite designers to date?

Elie Saab, there is not one of his dresses that I dislike,  plus he's Arab woop! Lol! Also, Rabia Z, is a designer I've only recently come across, she is very well known amongst us hijabies for her amazing work and  she is great role model!

What are your long term goals for your clothing line?

One word.. I want it to be HUGE! SIMPLES LOL and  inshallah one day open a boutique or two. My dream would be success all over the world and for ALLLLLLL my fans to convert into hijabies.

What is your inspiration for your current collection?

Literally everything around me inspires me! I usually get so many ideas during the night when I'm trying to get some shut eye!!! My head starts buzzziiiing with ideas, which can be a nuisance, but I'm not complaining haha. I try to look at different cultures and mix them up with the Islamic modesty required as well as a Lil London high street fashion! There's quite a lot of choices out there for hijab evening wear, but not so much casual wear that gives off that ‘london look’,  so at the moment I'm enjoying concentrating on casual/street wear.

When can we look forward to purchasing your gorgeous garments?
I knowwww, I keep answering this question with ‘inshallah soooon’ lool but I really can't say a specific date at the moment, inshallah (God wiling) though sometime in the 2011.  For the moment I'm going to start selling one-off exclusive pieces which is a lil more exciting as it will guarantee my customer ultimate originality!!! Lol inshallah (God willing) of course.

Describe the woman who wears your clothes?

Hmmmm.. that’s a good one. Well she would have to be FUN and BOLD, but CLASSY, INDEPENDENT, CONFIDENT and FIERCE! Definitely one that’s not scared to give her opinion! An all round chic sister with a cute personality and most of all ORIGINAL ... god, this woman would be a lot of things! A woman that can be herself at the end of the day.

What price points will your pieces range ?
Well I'm aware that my most popular target market would be lets say between 15-30 yrs.. so I don't want things to be ridiculously priced!! I'm going to be looking at high street prices inshallah (God willing) my clothes will be affordable. Taking a wild guess I'd say between £15-£80, depending on what it is of course. The higher prices would be for evening wear and things that might take me YEARRRSSS to make that sort of thing you know.. loool but again can't say for certain right now.

Will you cater to plus size modest fashionistas?
Of course! Inshallahhh (God willing) when I start selling, I’ll cater to all kinds of women!!!!


Why is modesty so important to you, and what would you say to women and young girls out there to encourage them to cover their family jewels and become a modest diva like you?

LESS IS MORE!!! Simples (lol) serious ladies, covering up means so so much nowadays. Number one it protects you and also allows you to be judged for your mind not your body! Our bodies are something we should take care of and respect. Respect only comes once you learn to respect yourself. And I think you’ll all find that modesty is sooooooooooooooooooo ‘in’ right now haha.

You can find Dina Toki-O on facebook. Please check her out and join her fan page.


  1. salam dina, i hope yu are well. i love all your designs and hijab styles so much ive just fallen inlove with them all. :) im going to a family wedding and, i wear hijab already but i wanted to wear my hijab a different way and i was hoping that you would do a tutorial that shows us how you do your hijabs. thankyou and i cant wayte until your other designs coume owt inshallah. xx

  2. ur designs are soooo coool and gorgeous honestly but i dont feel there really practical in the outside world there more celbration rather than everyday which is the same as all the other designers out there.... i mean what would u suggest to wear when going out in egypt for example... doubt i will ever be able to go out like that...ur hijab is real nice and i have learned alot from them. xox

  3. I hope your dreams of fulfilling your ambitions come true, I reckon you have a lot of potential, you should play on your very fortunate second name and have a boutique in every continent, I guess starting with Tokyo, then maybe Dina Paris, Dina Milan etc hehe. Keep up the great work who knows maybe I'll get you to show off some of your creations on the catwalk under my own design label one day ;-)

    Christian Dior

  4. hiya! dina! ur awsummm!
    hope your dream come true cuz youve inspired me to wear a scarf! your designs are awsum, whats your shop web

  5. Ahlan Dina you rock !

  6. Dina!!
    You rock fashion (Mashallah) and I LOVE the way you do your scarf and your clothes are truely amazing and unique!!
    Love Aisha

  7. You call the 'scarf' (not even proper hijab) you wear modest?! God!

  8. DOES ANyoNE KNOW where to find those baggy pants in the picture that DIna is wearing or even the ALL white dress or above the ALL white dress looking like a hooded abaya with zebra pattern possibly??? anyone :'(