Saturday, August 14, 2010

For The Love of Vintage by Hannah Kingsley

For the love of vintage..

~ by Hannah Kingsley

"Vintage" is such a fun word. It makes me think of old clocks, dusty books, lace-up boots, fun patterns and big hats. It's a timeless word, because as more and more fashions get left by the wayside, we pick up a few we've left behind and call it "vintage".

Vintage fashion means something from the past has become new again: re-invented. Maybe not in the same way it was originally intended, but wearable nonetheless. Many people have a vintage muse, such as Audrey Hepburn, Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth, Rosemary Clooney, Judy Garland, or someone else who had her fashion hey-day. Lately the styles of these fabulous ladies have become new again- "vintage", and we find influences from former fashions at stores such as

The great thing about vintage fashion is it can be modest. That doesn't mean that vintage fashion always takes a modest turn, but we can certainly make it that way! Plus, modesty isn't frowned upon with vintage fashion. That's part of its whimsical charm. There have been plenty of times in history when it was normal for ladies to dress as ladies, and modesty was taken for granted as something that was to be expected. That's not so much the case today, but that doesn't mean that lady-like fashion can't make a comeback in all its vintage glory!

During the fall, dressing vintage becomes even easier, because cooler weather demands warmer clothing and greater coverage. No longer is the complaint that it is too hot to wear decent clothing, but that we need clothing that covers more and does a good job of it! As we waltz into autumnal weather, you might want to look for vintage inspiration for your wardrobe. Every now and then, a celebrity manages to be photographed wearing an outfit that manages to look feminine without sacrificing femininity, such as in the fall-themed photo featured. Outfits can be cute, fun and "new again" while holding to lady morals.. what better reason to love vintage?

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