Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spring Trends 2011

I know many of us are still in shock from this VERY cold winter (HAHA I'm not...I'm in Florida the only state in the union with NO SNOW, just had to rub it in...LOL), and springtime seems a long way off, but I must report the very HOT  2011 SPRING TRENDS. Personally, I'm loving the ruffles and lace, and glad that we will see more of that this upcoming season. Scarves aren't going anywhere fashionistas, so whether you are a hijabi (a head scarf worn for religious purposes by muslims, orthodox jews, orthodox chrisitans) or not, be sure to stock up on as many stylish scarves as possible.The Official Report:   Long stylish scarves, long skirts, knee length dresses, easy pants, rich colors, and femininity is what this year's spring trends are all about.  I am happy femininity is making a comeback, lets celebrate being a woman and looking like one! I will soon be announcing the Spring Trends 2011 Fashionista Contest, so please keep your eyes open wide for that one. * Please Note All these photos are from Newport

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