Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just Some Random Thoughts

Ok, so this morning I was talking to my mother in regards to christian living, and things like that. I was telling her that the older I get the more I realize that the bible is actually simple, but we make it hard when we start trying to make justifications why we should or shouldn't do things. As it relates to the topic of modesty, I believe that as women of God, regardless of age, we have taken the topic of modesty too lightly. I go to church, and I see some girls and women in some very questionable clothing. For the ones under the age of 18, in my mind i'm thinking, "What's wrong with this girls parents, that they would allow their daughter to come to church dressed like that?". I believe that we (christians) have gone so far over in left field as far as god accepts you as you are (which is true), and we shouldnt judge(which is true we can't judge someones heart), that we totally think it's ok to just not grow spiritually, and bring mainstream society inside ourlives and the church. we are supposed to counter the culture in a positive way, that people will see how great it is to live God's way of life that they want to be apart of what we are doing. I hope in some small way that this movement really resounds with Chrisitan women world wide, to be the leaders in the area of modest dress, and the fact that it is not cool to show off your breast, or how shapley your butt is, or how toned your legs are. Show other non-chrisitan women, what really beauty is, and how to achieve it.

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