Sunday, November 15, 2009

You Attract Who You Are

Life is this sometimes strange mirad of experiences and people who come and go. Sometimes in life we sit and wonder "Why does it seem as though I keep going through the same thing over and over again?". Being creatures of habit, we repeat the same behaviors that bring forth the exact same results, and attract the same type people into our lives.

I truly believe that every person comes into your life for a reason, and a seaon of time. Sometimes it is only for a very short period of time, but people come into our lives to teach us lessons about ourselves, so that we can reach the next level of concious exsistence. This could not be more true when it comes to our romantic and sexual relationships.

If you believe that there is an unseen spiritual realm, then you will understand that we attract kindred spirits. That on a subconcious level we attract people who have similar issues that we have.I used to be like many women, going out with friends to clubs, bars, concerts, and what not. Sometimes I was on the prowl to find a date, sometimes I was not even thinking of meeting anyone, but no matter what it always seemed like I would meet the same jerk in a different shirt. I used to always ask myself "Why?, Why!,Why?!,Why?!!!" I just couldn't understand. It wasn't until I moved to Miami, and found myself involved with a very munipulative, abusive person, that it made me really want to understand what was going on with me, that I was accepting this kind of behavior. I mean I was putting up with things that were sometimes so down right embarrasing that I wouldn't even tell my friends or family what was going on. I started really praying for God to help me through this situation, and help me to love me, because the logical part of my mind, knew that the relationship that I was in wasn't healthy, but the irrational part of me was deeply attracted to this person, and I had to find out why. During this time I read a really great book that was instrumental in helping me to help myself to discover what was going on. That book was In The Meantime by Inyala Vanzant.

In her book she stated just what I am discussing with you today, and that is that you attract who you are. At first I rejected that, because I was a nice, sweet, kind person, and I couldn't see how I was anything like this man, who had to be related to the devil in some fashion or form. What I realized is that I was desperate to have attention, didn't have self esteem,didn't know how to set boundries or limits, and that along the way I had believed that there were no good men left, and so I had to take what I could get( The atleast I have a man attitude). This left me open to attract men, and women, who were users, and abusers, who also suffered from low self-esteem. Also with me being abused as a child and my family history of drug and alchol abuse, even though I didn't do drugs or drink, I would manage to attract men who were drug abusers or alcholics, or both.

All my life, even when I was a child, people would try to take advantage of me. Borrow money, not pay it back, lie, cheat , steal from me, you name it, it happened. Somewhere in life I lost my power, my voice to say NO,I won't allow you to treat me like that! I love ME, I think I'm worthy, and beautiful, and a child of God, and I deserve to be treated with respect. When I realized that, I set out on a mission to heal my heart, to heal my subconcious mind, so that I would emmit an energy that would naturally attract like minded, spirited people. With God
s help, I have learned how to recalim my power, stand up to people( because people will still try you),and I have noticed that the people that I attract are different. I am married now, but when I was dating I noticed that when I changed my thoughts about myself, and men, I started attracting men with JOBS, not on drugs, that were for the most part normal.

One thing you must realize, until you stop to heal you, love you, you WILL keep attracting the same people and situations until you GET the life lesson that is being presented to you. What I have noticed in life, is that most people go through this physical existence unconcious, they go through the motions of living. They go through the same experiences over and over, sometimes without a second thought. Sometimes people go through there whole lives without growing conciously, spiritualy, and they die, broken spirited, broken hearted people, because they never took the time to try to understand that life lessons were trying to pusch them into their fullest potential. I decided a few years ago, I decided to live like conciously, knowing that whenever I was presented with circumstances or people who didn't fit into my "dream" life, that I needed to stop, pray, observe, and learn, what it was that God was trying to teach me about me, so that I could/can quickly move on.

If you find yourself on an unpleasent merry-go-round I challenge you to stop and pray, meditate, on why this could be happening. What you may need to learn in order not to repeat the negative experiences. You can have the life that you want, it will take work (I'm still working at it), but it is a reachable goal. Live conciously!

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