Friday, November 13, 2009

Sometimes It gets hard

I seriously thought the "Hoochie" in me was dead and gone, but there have been a few times this week, where I felt as though her spirit was lingering around. I sometimes look at women dressed more like "Fake Pearls" than "Diamond Girls", and I actually find myself feeling envious, if that's even the appropriate word.I mean I look was looking at a woman that came into the salon where I work, and she had a really cute shape, a tube top on, bangin high heel shoes, and some stretch jeans, and a beautiful necklace, and I actually found myself saying well that outfit is kind of cute, and having nostalgic memories of my former days when I used to go out of the way to show off my curves. Sometimes I feel that I am in the struggle to be a Modest Fashionista all by myself. Do you all ever feel like that? Am I in this alone, or is there anyone out there that feels me. I am realizing, in more areas than one, in my life, that taking the high road is difficult and lonely at times. It is not easy having, and maintianing standards.

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