Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Makeup and The Modest Woman

Ok, this is a subject that is very touchy for many women including me. Now I LOVE makeup, I am a professional makeup artist, and am a self proclaimed Walgreen's Junkie.....lol. It has been a struggle for me to find balance in the world of makeup, as it pretains to my being modest and loving to wear makeup. On an everyday basis I barley wear any makeup at all other than mascara and eyeliner, and maybe some light lipgloss, and I think that is modest as far as makeup is concerned, but there are times when I want to look like a DIVA, and go all out with my false eyelashes, crazy eyeshadows, and all the glitter and glam that goes with looking like a Diva.  Recently my husband voiced his opinion that he doesn't like me wearing shiny lipgloss because it makes my lips look too sexy and seductive. He said that from a man's perspective, when men see women's lips looking shiny and wet like that, only one thought comes to mind, and he doesn't want other men looking at his wife and thinking those thoughts. Our conversation  made me think just how much makeup should a modest woman wear. What are your thoughts and feelings on the subject. I personally feel that there are times that warrant more glam than usual and it's ok to have fun so long as it looks great and you don't look like a total prostitute (red lips, blue eyeshadow etc.). Post your comments  and take the poll!

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