Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year New You

I just love the feelings I get at the onset of a new year. An entire twelve months of possibilities, opportunities, and new beginnings. I plan (with the help of God Almighty), to live in divine health (I'm so sick of saying lose weight), get to a healthy weight, create an atmospher of positivity and love within my family, discover a brand new layer and level of love and passion with my husband, work hard on my lipgloss line, continue to build myself as a professional esthetician, and go full force with the message of modesty.

I hope that this new year of 2010 brings all of you joy and dreams finally fufilled. Remeber that with God, all things are possible. All you need to do is eliminate the negativity from your mind and spirit, and set forth on the wonderful course that he has set for you.

I hope all of you will help me this year bring the message of modesty to women of all ages. Be that becon of light and an exapmle of true femininity and beauty with me. I will leave you all on this positive note. You have the power (with God) to have the type of life you always dreamed of. Be blessed and be modest both in dress and in spirit!!

Happy 2010,

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