Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nor Mode

I am soooooo in Love with the maxi dresses on this website! Just so Innovative and fresh , Take a look at


  1. I don't understand why an educated modest women would feel must look "sexy" in the public eye. Doesn't she cover for the purpose of worship. Please don't confuse beautiful with sexy.

  2. @ My Little is a feeling and an inner sense of being. A modest woman doesn't have to forget her sexy side, a modest women simply knows the appropriate time to reveal that side of her. Sexy can be beautiful, but it is not synonomous with being beautiful. The modest woman may cover for worship, which is the ultimate purpose, but that is not the ONLY reason a woman might choose to dress modestly, so lets not ofrget all the other reasons.

  3. What i most like is the fantastic prints the women is wearing on