Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tips For Staying Cool During The Hot Summer Months by Hannah Kingsley

Summer is here, and the sunny season brings new fashion statements that bare their faces (or should I say backs, legs and bosoms?) to public scrutiny. A spike in the heat incites new boldness in many young women and older ladies that wouldn’t dare wear revealing clothes during any other season.

I agree that sometimes the weather can seem unbearable. But is this sufficient excuse for stripping ourselves of our dignity? Revealing bikini swimsuits, super-short-shorts and skirts, and tank tops and shirts with plunging necklines leave little to the imagination, and put everything on display. While it may seem enticing to join the crowd by dressing cooler this summer, why not try an even bolder stance?

While it may take boldness to strip down to wearing barely any clothing, it can take even more boldness to stay clothed. However, staying clothed with decency and womanly dignity doesn’t always solve the problem of keeping cool. How can we keep cool during summer while standing by our convictions?

- Wear the right fabrics. Not all fabrics are made to help you keep cool during the summer heat. Do some research to learn about the different purposes of clothing fabrics.

- Wear hats. Big, floppy hats are not only fun summer wear, they actually work to protect you from the heat.

- Use a parasol. If the sun is truly terrible, try using a parasol to shade you from the sun.

- Carry a fan. Whether an accordion-fold fan or a more modern, battery-driven fan, small, portable fans can provide some relief from the heat as well.

- Don’t wear dark colors. Instead, wear something lightly colored, because the clothing will retain less of the sun’s heat.

- Wear clothing that protects you from the sun’s rays. Not only will it minimize risk for sunburn, but you can protect yourself from risk of getting skin cancer as well.

- Don’t stay out in the heat too long.

~ Hannah Kingsley  Modesty Movement Blog contributor


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