Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Blog-a-versery! Fashion, Contests, & PRIZES!!!

OMG, I almost forgot that last month marked an entire year that The Modesty Movement has been up and running. I want to thank all my followers, and all those who regularly visit the blog.I hope each and every last one of you are examples of what a true Diamond Girl is, and you all are helping spread the message of TRUE BEAUTY and MODESTY to women everywhere. Please continue to support this blog, and tell others to visit as well. Never forget that you are a diamond and that brilliant shine starts from within. LOVE YOU ALL!!! A special Thank You to my contributing writer Hannah Kingsley, I appreciate you girl! To celebrate, I am going to hold two contests. The First contest is going to be a Holiday Modest Fashionista Contest, and Design a new Banner Contest. I will post rules tomorrow (Insha Allah/God willing)!!!

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