Monday, November 1, 2010

Interview with Wasimah : Where Style Meets Modesty

I had the pleasure speaking with Umm Ibrahim, business woman  from Queensland, Australia, about here wonderful line of modest clothing. Her original designs are so feminine and fresh. Personally I love her long skirts, a must have for any MODEST DIVA!! Please be sure to check out her wonderful collection at

1. What is your name and the name of your company?

Umm Ibrahim and my company is Wasimah - Where Style Meets Modesty

2. Why did you choose the name for your company?

We actually chose the slogan before we chose the name, we loved the idea of the slogan & we felt the name Wasimah which means elegant, fit well with the slogan...a little backward I know ;-)

3.What inspired you to start Wasimah?

Our primary inspiration was the lack of availability in the west for stylish yet modest good quality clothing for Muslims at an affordable price. We wanted to give Muslims the opportunity to cover within the guidelines of Islam, to step away from the more traditional Abaya into more contemporary styles & in fabrics that are more suitable to our climate. We believe our range of designs is a combination of East meets West, yet still retaining the Islamic guidelines of hijab.

4. There have been a few changes with the company. Tell of us about the exciting new changes.

There is so much going on at the moment, Wasimah started out with myself & another sister who is a good friend of mine & still helps me out in many ways masha Allah. Up until recent days she has chosen to move onto bigger & brighter pastures al humdullilah (praise be to God). Wasimah is now a family owned business, my husband has taken on full partnership with a vengeance haha masha Allah. We are giving Wasimah a complete makeover. A few weeks ago we opened a shop in Brisbane, this is very exciting masha Allah. We are currently working on giving our website a facelift & updating it with so much new stock, there's so many great changes taking place at the moment masha Allah it's all happening. It's a very exciting time for us al humdullilah.

5. You are a niqabi, tell us about your journey to becoming a niqabi, and how have you included fashion for niqabis in your clothing line.
I put on niqab at a time in my life where I felt I wanted to do more to come closer to Allah, I'd begun focusing more in seeking the pleasure of Allah aza wa jel & niqab was one more way I could achieve that al humdullilah. I am in the process of creating a new range that I hope to encourage all Muslims niqabi or otherwise & non-Muslims to dress more conservatively but still look elegant & stylish & amend the look of the garment depending upon how they choose to accessorize it.

6.Are the pieces in your clothing line original designs?

Yes they are, we pride ourselves on the quality of our garments & the styles masha Allah.

7. What can we expect from Wasimah in the future?

 (Goals, events, etc.) Ooohh lots of good stuff to come...a new range of Wasimah dresses insha Allah. A collection for the more conservative Muslimah. A complete face lift for our website. We are hoping to wholesale our upcoming range. A fashion parade in the near future & whatever else comes about in the process ;-)

8. Are your clothes for Muslim women only?

No. We have recently introduced cutting edge designs for men & boys thaubs, to my knowledge, there is no other option available in the market to date that meet the style & quality of this range masha Allah. We have taken on board a number of new designers & we hope to meet the needs of the entire community by supplying an East meets West collection of top quality, stylish & cutting edge range for Men, Women, boys & girls designs insha Allah.

9. Do you think that fashion and faith are contradicitons?

My personal belief and that of my religion is that they shouldn't be. How we choose to dress, to behave, whether it be indoors amongst sis's or with our husbands or whether it be out & about, we must dress & behave according to what pleases Allah. Our Prophet peace be upon him said: "Allah is Beautiful & He loves beauty. This beauty pertains directly to what falls within the guidelines of Islam. You can look beautiful outdoors & indoors but this must be done so with the aim of pleasing our Creator.

10. Why do you find modesty so beautiful, and what would you say to encourage young women to dress modestly?

I would say to young women, modesty is beautiful as it enables others to view us for who we truly are & not for the objects & fashion victims society & the media dictates us as women to be. Cover yourself & protect your beauty from prying eyes & the temptations of other's & keep it for those who are special to you, your family & your husband. Above all else, this is what pleases Allah, nothing is more beneficial to you than pleasing Him


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