Monday, March 14, 2011

Legal Child Exploitation....Are you FOR REAL!!!!!

I am all for building up your daughter's self esteem. I even put my own daughter in pagents (at her request, and I never make her look like these girls), because she loves to perform and be on stage, but I put her in what's called natural pagents, where the girls must look like little girls, and no makeup or provactive clothing are allowed. However, I don't understand what the hell is wrong with Mothers who transform their daughter into little burlesque performers for the sake of self esteem.....this truly sickens me. How a mother can exploit their childs innocence and beauty is beyond my comprehension when you have hundreds of perverts running around with their hands in their pants when they see photos like these.

The number one excuse I hear from the "Toddler & Tiara" moms are, well we do it to build up her self esteem. I can agree that being on stage, and performing can build up ones selfesteem, however, by making your daughter believe she has to be half naked in fornt of strangers and wear a TON of makeup just to feel good about herself is sending a horrible message, and I fear will have irrversible psycological damage in the long run.

This Mom needs to be slapped in my opinion

Is this girl 8 years old or 28???!!!!!


  1. What the hell! Parents living their dreams and fantasies through their kids.

  2. Salams, Im new here and this post has hit it right on the nail. Ive always been utterly DISGUSTED with these types of pagents. All you need to do is look at the above pics, they tell a thousand words.

  3. Feeling bad, children are so cute pls don't ruined their tenderness... :|